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COVID​-19 - Time Capsule

Ever wondered how you children will remember this time? Well look no further, I have come across this amazing time capsule that was created by Long Creations.

Children can record all their memories about being in lockdown. It certainly kills a few hours. I had some spare A4 boxes lying around and created a cover to go on top of the box where they can also include a recent photo.

I am going to put all their creations in the box that they made during lockdown. You can download the box cover here.

You can download the time capsule file below. What's even more amazing is that there is also a version for babies. Check out this link for all files.

There are 11 sheets within the workbook:

  • A moment of history – record some of the details occurring now,

  • About me page,

  • How I’m feeling,

  • Something about your community,

  • What are you doing to stay busy at home,

  • Record your handprints,

  • Special occasions while in Lockdown,

  • A letter to yourself,

  • Interview your parents, and finally

  • A letter FROM your parents.

I hope they all enjoy making their time capsule as much as we did. Please make sure you share your time capsule and tag Long Creations on Facebook.



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