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Newborn and Baby Photography with Leandri Perry Photography

This is my first blog post in a few years. After having my second child, there hasn't been much time for writing and posting blogs. So here we go......

This is ME, picture above!! I have been doing Newborn and Baby Photography for 6 years. I started off with just a DSLR camera enjoying taking images of my friends babies, and soon realised that I wanted to become a professional photographer and do this for a living. I trained myself for hours, days, months and years to become who I am today, and don't get me wrong, I still learn every single day. I don't think you can ever stop learning in the world of photography. I absolutely love newborns and babies, I love their innocence, I love the tiny little details, I love how they fit so perfectly in your hands, the little smiles and noises they make when they sleep.

Newborn Photographer Maidenhead Berkshire

And all these little details you soon forget when they are older, is the main reason why I love what I am doing. I love creating these memories for clients, so they can be proud of what they have created, so they can remember all those little things we tend to forget over time.

Newborn Photography Maidenhead

My favourite part of creating these memories are family pictures! I believe and stand firm that every family should have images of them and their newborn, baby and children. I know in the first few weeks mums might not feel they are camera ready, but with the right angles and my editing magic (not too much obviously) you will have images that will mean the world to your children when they are older.

Family Photographer Maidenhead

Family Photographer Maidenhead

The session takes places in my studio in Maidenhead, Berkshire. I create a warm, relaxing and peaceful environment for babies and parents. Once you arrive I do all the soothing and even changing, so parents can sit back, relax, catch up on sleep or reply to all the messages that you haven't had time to respond to. The studio will be warm enough for baby, so they wont notice the difference when naked. All of the props and backdrops are provided during your session. I have a selection of beautiful newborn and baby outfits, headbands, and hats. My style is very clean and simple, so I try not to overpower my setups with props and colours you will get bored of in years to come.

So if you are currently expecting your first, second or even third baby and would like me to capture beautiful art for your family, please book your session after your 20 week scan. I do take last minute bookings depending on my availability. You can visit my website at or email me at info@leandriperryphotography for a full price list.

Thank you for reading!!



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